Starting the New Year Right

As we approach the end of this year, we also approach the beginning of a new year. This year was just the beginning for TJF.

We had a successful Kutz for Kidz event. We promoted ourselves on social media, and in the local community.

Our Toys 4 Tots drive went well, and we were able to provide gifts for less fortunate children. We received our first sponsorship donation as well.

Our goal is to maintain what we’ve set out to do. And that’s serving our communities, while allowing children to develop and embrace progression. Making sure we put our youth and education first.

As a NEW YEAR resolution we plan to:

1. Repurpose Marketing Content
2. Maintain Social Media Momentum
3. Engage Younger Audiences
4. Get to know the unknowns
5. Reach More Donors
6. Invest In The Community
7. Engage in More Volunteer Work

We thank everyone in their efforts to support TJF and we wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Cheers to 2018

With Love,

Let’s Have a Merry Christmas!

As we all know the Christmas holiday is approaching. This is the time of year where families gather together for a day of happiness with good food, laughs, and presents. As an adult I really began to understand the meaning of what Christmas really meant. Yes, everyone knows that Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ. But do you ever wonder what it really means to you. I certainly do.

Christmas to me means being able to provide for someone else. Giving someone something they’ve always wanted or needed and seeing that big smile on their face. It’s not always about receiving gifts. If its from the heart its a gift within itself. Christmas is about giving and thats exactly what TJF plans to due this holiday season.

TJF is having a “Toys for Tots” Drive to gather as many toys as we can to donate them to the Ennis Center For Children in Detroit Michigan. All children deserve to have a happy merry Christmas, and if we can make that happen thats what we will do. We are asking for everyone to send new and used toys to our organization. With your help we can achieve our goal and we can also make numerous families and children have an amazing Christmas.

With Love,

4AGood Cause

When we first decided to start a non-profit foundation, we worried about funding. We questioned our ability to be able to raise enough money for our future goals for the company, as well as what we have in store for youth. With so many scammers and false representations, we didn’t know if anyone would donate.

Being a professional athlete, I had fears of what others would think about the foundation. Maybe one could think why can’t we fund our own foundation or that we’re rich. Well thats not the case, because we’ve continued to grow.

Donations are a huge part in helping TJF succeed and accomplish what we want for the community. We are not a scam or a false representation. Our first donation was received from one of my former professors from Eastern Michigan University.

When I received the email notification, I was so excited because that told me that TJF had support. There are people who support our cause and what we stand for. Every donation is essential to TJF. We do not discriminate the amount and we accept all donations.

As a foundation, we are here to change the lives of people in need every day, with even the smallest of donations making a large impact in a community. Your donations are needed because we rely on your support to continue our work in the community. We greatly appreciate all the donations that have been made thus far.

Your help is not going unnoticed. With every dollar donated, we give a piece of our hearts and passion to you.

We Thank You.

With Love,

We Are TJF!

As a native of Detroit, Michigan I understand the struggles of what comes with our city. As a child I grew up in a single parent household. My father was a drug addict and my mother worked many jobs to make sure that my siblings and I had shelter, clothing, and food. All essentials needed for living a normal life. As I got older I took an interest in basketball and it became my passion. Starting as a 5th grader at Thomas Burt Elementary, basketball become my heart. Playing in middle school at Frank Murphy Middle School, to high school at Mackenzie High School.

From high school I received numerous offers from Colleges and Universities for basketball scholarships. Eventually making the decision to play at Eastern Michigan University. After college I decided to make basketball a career and started playing professionally in Europe.

All these different phases and experiences in my life made me think about all the struggles I’ve been through and everything I’ve seen others experience as well. One day I decided I wanted to give back to youth, children seeking guidance and leadership so that one day they can become successful and follow their dreams. TJF is that outlet.

We are here to teach children to follow their dreams while continuing to serve their communities. We are here to teach children they have potential, and anything is possible if you work hard at it. We want to be a safe haven for children, a home away from home. Not all children have parents, resources, or the education they need to succeed and this is what inspired me to start The Tavelyn James Foundation. To help children from the city of Detroit, my hometown.

I remember being a student athlete and not having the resources or knowledge to make a life changing decision. Seeing children in school who couldn’t afford lunch, books, clothing, and shoes helped me make this decision to create an organization that could focus on those needs for our youth. WE must push our youth forward and encourage them, because they are our future. I’ve seen struggles myself, so why watch others go through the same effects if you can help. We want to push youth to achieve education, sports, and career goals.